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Business and Communication Forms

Business Forms

Typorganosi produces all kinds of products for digital printing such as Continuous forms, Sheets, Cut Sets or Roll ranging from plain printer paper to the most complex types.

  • Invoices and Payment Notifications

  • Medical Unit Forms

  • High Precision Forms (Lottery)

  • Securities

  • Tickets

  • Continuation voucher

  • Accompanying Statements – (SYDETA)

  • Target Sales & Statistical Analysis Forms (OMR)

  • Biochemical test Forms (OMR)

  • Identification forms with integrated magnetic track or RFID

Communication Forms

From the classic accounting blocks, notepads, internal distribution blocks of various dimensions, etc. Yet:

  • Accountant-note block

  • A4 forms (invoices, forms, etc.), in colour, with the ability to add security printouts (e.g. hologram, invisible ink, etc.) ideal for inkjet and laser printers

  • Business cards

  • Stationery

  • Envelops of various dimensions

  • Banner

  • Calendars

  • diptychs– triptychs – leaflets

  • Directories

  • Block

  • Packaging

For every individual project, we analyse the needs of our clients and create innovative products, helping them improve their process flow.

In this context, our company, through our offered service Forms Total Management, undertakes the costs of production, storage, inventory monitoring, packaging, distribution of printed material providing significant economies of scale and freeing up business resources of our customers.


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