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Security Printouts

The main objective of security printing is to avoid forgery, falsification or counterfeiting of high-value forms and documents. Typorganosi has the necessary technology to apply multiple security features to its products and thus ensure our customers that their documents cannot be forged or that any alteration of printed data cannot occur without being detectable.

The security features available today for our customers' applications are:
• Control the numbering of digits
• Printing on thermographic papers
• Barcodes, QR codes
• Microprinting in random latent order or characteristics
• Copying prevention
• Invisible, penetrating and thermochromic ink
• Hologram strips of 2 or 3 levels or in combination. Ideal for creating your own hologram or foil
• Thermal inks
• Desensitisation inks
• Safety floor printing
• Scratch card application
• Combination of the above

Indicative products
a. passbooks
b. letters of guarantee
c. Non-destroyable plastic bags for document transport
d. cheques/chequebook
e. Gift certificates
f. Operatives
g. Vehicle - Technical inspection sheets
h. Prepaid mail envelopes
i. Postal Cheques (Giropayment slips)
j. Non-destroyable labels made of paper
k. Non-destroyable forms made of paper
l. Prepaid paper cards
m. Entrance parking tickets

For every individual project, we analyse the needs of our clients and create innovative products, helping them improve their process flow.

In this context, our company, through our offered service Forms Total Management, undertakes the costs of production, storage, inventory monitoring, packaging, distribution of printed material providing significant economies of scale and freeing up business resources of our customers.

Typorganosi has an experienced sales team, which, together with the state-of-the-art internal forms creative department, can meet any challenge of designing and printing innovative solutions for its customers, offering high-quality tailored products and services.


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